Remus J. Lupin's journal

Anima tua libera est...

Remus J. Lupin

Name: Remus J. Lupin.
Nicknames: Lupin, Moony, and a few others.
Age: Wouldn't you like to know? ;) {c. 1960.}
Town Of Residence: When not in Hogwarts, Lupin usually resides in a small town house in Canterbury {Kent}.
Profession: Auror for the Ministry Of Magic.

Lupin possesses a somewhat timeless appearance, always seemingly young with shoulder-length light brown hair, flecked with touches of grey and gold. His dark brown eyes reveal a lot about his current mood - they can sparkle with vivacity or they can cloud over with grief, and his pale features are usually quite expressive. More often than not, he appears slightly ill and withdrawn, but this slots in according to his 'time of the month' problems of being a werewolf. His usual attire is quite shabby, consisting of dark brown robes which look as if they are in strong need of retirement. However, they seem to suit his non-materialistic view on life, and so their downtrodden appearance is not quite as obvious as it might be.
When seen wandering around Muggle towns, he can sometimes be spotted in more casual, but no more expensive clothes - a pair of faded blue jeans, and a white cotton work shirt, sometimes worn with a tie and sometimes without. Neutral colours such as beige, brown and honey shades complement his complexion.

Lupin is generally a mellow person, with a sometimes rather "bookish" air about him - an intellectual sort, he prefers a fairly quiet life and avoids conflict where possible. He can be protective of those whom he sees as vulnerable or incapable of defending themselves, and also of those whom he regards as close to his heart. This ties in with his lycanthropic background, showing his often-shunned predatory side that lurks around underneath his cool exterior, and his fierce reaction to a threat placed on what his wolf-side would see as a member of his "pack".
He is often seen to appear thoughtful and pensive, perhaps even slightly introverted, but always ready to offer a friendly smile or a word of assistance should you bump into him on your travels. Armed with a sharp wit and a rather dry sense of humour, Lupin shows a natural affinity with children, and uses rewards rather than punishments to encourage pupils to learn. He takes an active part in the welfare of pupils under his care, and more often than not, would put other people's safety far before his own.

(In case you somehow didn't realize, this isn't a real journal. It's a roleplaying journal. Welcome to the possibilities of the imagination.)